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    FREEB Which band combines hardcore, grunge, trash and even hip-hop? An organizer says (late 2016), This is a unique mix from different genre’s with a raw 90’s sound. Next Eurosonic Noorderslag, Freedom Festival Den Bosch and ‘the poptemple from Holland’ Paradiso, music critics called this three guys “the biggest sensation from the regional festivals when FREEB atacks an crowded Rosso Rocco tent at Festyland. In June FREEB wins Popsport and hits in 2017 Noorderslag again, this time they broke everything down. Musically the band is developing enormousley, because of the new genres. Turntable is added, hardcore and hip-hop get a bigger core in the band. The three 90’s born guys recorded an album thats gonna be mixed by DJ DNA the turntabelist from the URBAN DANCE SQUAD! Bless The Past… the album is coming… eurogig freeb
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